José Sánchez Aranda

José Sánchez Aranda is a producer and distributor of spices, specializing in paprika, with its own plantations for paprika pods.

The quality and food safety of our products is our primary goal. We select raw materials and suppliers that can ensure the specifications and technical and qualitative requirements of our customers.

We manufacture our products from whole fruit to ensure purity. We have our own milling, blending and packaging systems.

For 25 years we have a system developed by ourselves for the steam sterilization of our products. This enables us to provide absolute security concerning pathogens further relates to reduce bacterial loads. Our system is unique in the industry, is based on technology HTST (high -temperature -short -time). This system causes that organoleptic qualities, that in spices are the main feature, are changed as little as possible without losing effectiveness in the heat treatment.

As evidence of our commitment to quality, food safety and the environment, we are certified with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

We are currently developing new projects such as sauces and marinades for meat and fish. Our goal with this product is to diversify our market and provide a new service to our customers and prospects.

José Sánchez Aranda Factory front in Abanilla
Grinding systems